belajar bahasa inggris anak Hello Baby " Toddler's Learning with Fun " A Toddler's First Book of Learning

Latest Innovations

Hello Baby is an Innovation Product Specifically for Early Childhood Education  / Golden Age Children (0-6 Years). Using the Smart Pen, Your Beloved Sons will Learn Many Things Like: Alphabet, Numbers, Music Instruments, Animals and others. Including learning to know each other’s voice.


Presenting a fun learning experience for your beloved children. This Fun experience will ultimately make your children enjoy of learning.

Early Learning Education

Hello Baby is a tool for early childhood education as a substitute for non-school learning during the pandemic. Your sons and daughters will learn many things such as alphabets, plant names, animal names, colors and so on including voice recognition. Which is divided into 25 Big Categories, with over 500 of vocabulary words.

Hello Baby

If You Are Looking for a stimulant product that can rapidly stimulate the development of golden age children? Hello Baby is the solution! !

Hello Baby is a Choice To Learn At Home Instead Of Not Going To School During The Pandemic!

Hello Baby is the Latest Innovation and Technology Products for Early Childhood Education for 0 – 6 Years (Golden Age *) . Hello Baby is an Early Childhood Smart Book, which is a source of basic knowledge that is needed by early childhood.

Age 0 to 6 years is the golden period of growing children or known as Golden Age *) . In this period, there is 80% of brain development and emotional formation.

Hello Baby will help parents build closeness with children, as well as become stimulant to intelligence and support motoric skills development.

Hello Baby introduces various words in the form of images and sounds , which will spark children’s interest.

Smart Pen will help parents introduce first words to children, as well as learn English from an early age.

This way of learning is very effective, as well as fun for them. Parents can build children’s motor skills by training them to hold the Smart Pen itself.

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Advantages of Hello Baby Books

  • Intelligence Stimulants

    Is a stimulus of intelligence and children’s motoric skills development

  • The Right Choice During the Pandemic

    It is an ideal and appropriate choice for children’s learning during a pandemic

  • Voice Recognition and Pronunciation

    Children can learn the how to pronounce rhe words correctly. In addition to someobjects, your beloved kids will also hear the sound of the object.

  • Early Childhood Smart Book

    Hello Baby is an Early Childhood Smart Book. Hello Baby contains all aspects of knowledge that are needed for early childhood.

  • Learn First Words

    25 topics in 25 books that allow toddlers to learn their first words.

  • Able to Generate Reading Interest

    Making learning and reading activities fun so that it will arouse children’s reading interest at the same time

  • Stimulants to Speak Fluently

    This product is also suitable for toddlers speak fluently. Hello Baby are inseparable from methods such as teaching speaking.

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Hello Baby Books

1 Set Hello Baby

Consists of :

  • 1 Smart Pen
  • 25 volumes of books ; 24 pages each
  • Smart Pen Charger
  • Pen warranty 3 months from the date of purchase

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